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HWSCD was the first full-time British style boarding school to provide excellent A-level & IGCSE education, including Mathematics, Advanced Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Business, Economics, Accounting, Drama, British and American literature, History, IELTS, TOEFL, Arts, PE, Chinese and so on.

University Counselling

In line with the Primary Goals of Hongwen School ChengDu; where we facilitate the realisation of the full academic potential within each and every student, and are committed to the formation of young men and women of outstanding virtue, leaders of integrity and individuals of quality – the University Counselling Office of HWSCD are a team of specialised individuals committed to supporting and guiding your son or daughter during their time at the school, and into the future University or School or their choice.


We are proud of the students academic achievement, HWSCD as a whole person education base, our outstanding academic performance is obvious to all, have a very good reputation between parents and educators. The students of HWSCD are doing well in the IGCSE and A Level global test of CIE and Edexcel's.


ECA is a variety of auxiliary teaching activities which is different from the classroom teaching. Students can choose and participate according to their own interests,hobbies, expertise and practical needs. These extracurricular activities not only can develop the students' enthusiasm and initiative, but also can develop their talents and personality.
In order to comprehensive the students' self-confidence, self-discipline, leadership and team cooperation spirit, HWSCD has made sure that every afternoon arrangements are diversification, including MUN, Confucius College, Piano, Folk Music, Arts, Drawing, Dance, Small Businese, Debate, Computer Programming, Chinese Chess, Basketball, Football, Swimming, Rugby, Tennis, Fitness, Ping Pong and so on. Among them, Model United Nations Club is one of the most successful and characteristic.

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